Have harp. Will travel.

Terese Weber


Have harp. Will transform .



No other instrument, by its mere presence alone, has the power to transform an already important celebration into an unforgettable experience. Just standing there, in silent majesty, a Grand Concert Harp tells your guests not only that your event is special, but that they're special too - that you care enough to offer them the very best.


When the Harp comes to life in the hands of an artist skilled enough to summon its music from deep inside, the transformation is complete.

Accepting private and public engagements in Houston since 1990, harpist Terese Weber offers a comprehensive repertoire of classical and popular music to satisfy the broadest range of tastes, requests, and occasions. She brings a lifetime of musical experience and tradition (see Biography), and an unwavering standard of professional excellence and reliability to your social occasion. Whether your needs are for a once-in-a-lifetime special ceremony or for a monthly or weekly brunch, her artistry will make your event truly memorable and extraordinary.

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